Brighton, MI Chiropractic Equipment

DCG understands that each of our client's have unique needs, and that the best way to meet all these diverse conditions is to use a wide range of equipment. The equipment we employ utilizes the most state of the art technology in the chiropractic industry.

Our Equipment

  • DRX9000 -non-surgical and non-invasive spinal decompression
  • Rolling Massage Table - powerful yet gentle massage that improves circulation and muscle relaxation
  • Water Jet Table - hassle free relaxing and invigorating massage
  • Electro Stimulation - manage acute and chronic pain and promote relaxation
  • Ultrasound - deep heat created by sound waves provides a variety of benefits for acute and chronic issues
  • Digital X-Ray - superior and safe imagining to improve treatment
  • Low Level Light Therapy - wavelengths penetrate deep into tissues to relieve pain

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