Will I have to continue seeing a chiropractor forever?

This is a common question, and although many of our patients have been with us for years, the answer is no. There are specific conditions which may require extended treatment, but typically our patients feel better within weeks.

Are chiropractic services covered by my insurance?

Every health insurance policy has different policies in regards to chiropractic services, but most insurance companies will cover 80-100% of all of our procedures. To avoid any confusion, our office will check your benefit coverage for you. We will never charge you until after you know the expected costs. For more information about insurance we accept please visit the Insurance page.

Can I see a chiropractor if I have a bulged or herniated disc?

Duncan Chiropractic Group specializes in treating bulging discs, slipped discs, and herniated discs and for the majority, our treatment helps patients to avoid surgery.

I had back surgery can I see a chiropractor?

Yes. It is common for almost half of the people who have had surgery on their spine to have their original symptoms return overtime. In addition to helping to prevent the need for surgery in the first place, chiropractic treatment can help reduce the need for repeat spinal surgeries.

Should I visit a chiropractor after an accident?

After an automobile accident or other types of accidents that result in acute pain or immobility, you should go to the emergency room or see a medical doctor. They will offer immediate treatment and collect the appropriate imaging and documentation. We recommend visiting us within 5 days of the accident to get needed relief from pain that exceeds painkillers. Learn more about our accident treatments here.

Is it safe to see a chiropractor if I'm pregnant?

Yes. Chiropractic treatment is completely safe during pregnancy and many methods, including low force adjustments can help to reduce pain, improve pregnancy, and often helps to make labor and delivery easier on both mom and baby. At Duncan Chiropractic our adjustment methods are always adapted to meet the patient's unique needs, weight, age, and condition of health.

Can chiropractic adjustments benefit athletes?

Yes. When combined with sport specific exercise and stretching, adjustments can help athletes to feel better and improve their performance. Dr. Hilton has a specialized top-level certification in Strength and Conditioning to provide the best care for athletes.

Can I crack my own back?

Cracking your own back may feel good at first, but the long-term effect can be harmful. Our chiropractors have the training and experience needed to properly adjust your back, resolving issues in your muscles and ligaments, so that you don't feel the need to crack your own back.

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