Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique is know to be one of the most effective and safe adjusting options, making it ideal for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. This technique uses five specific criteria to detect misalignments in your spine that cause nerve interference and irritation.

Evaluation Criteria

  • X-Rays - First an x-rays are taken of your entire spine. This allows us to identify any fractures, posture problems, joint or disc integrity issues, misalignments, or other symptoms of disease or injury.
  • Nervoscope - Next, a device called a Nervoscope is used to detect uneven heat distribution along the spine, which can point to inflammation and nerve pressure.
  • Static Palpation - The third step is to feel along your spine while it is in a static (non-moving) position. During this step we look for any indication of swelling, tenderness, and tightness.
  • Motion Palpation - After feeling your spine at rest, we feel it while it is being moved and bent at various angles. This process allows us to recognize any spinal segment that is moving with difficulty.
  • Visualization - The final step is to look at all of the findings and compare the results.

After the evaluation is complete, we are able to perform a highly focused and precise spinal adjustment. We have found that utilizing this technique for our patients results in a more accurate and effective evaluation and adjustment of the spine.

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