Scoliosis Treatments

Millions of people in the United States are affected by Scoliosis. The abnormal curvature of the spin in people suffering from Scoliosis can lead to uneven posture and back pain. Spinal manipulation can be a beneficial treatment to help manage symptoms of Scoliosis. In mild to moderate cases chiropractic treatments have been found to reduce curvature, improving posture and relieving pain.

Outcomes of Treatment

  • Mild Scoliosis - high success rate for small curves, increases energy levels, also improves cosmetic appearance
  • Moderate Scoliosis - less severe curvature is easier to overcome, increases energy levels, increases lung capacity
  • Severe Scoliosis - reduction of pain, increase energy, improve lung capacity, increase life expectancy

Whatever stage of scoliosis you have, Ducan Chiropractic Group is your source for chiropractic treatments; contact us now to learn more.

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