Whiplash Treatment

Injuries are caused by the neck being suddenly jolted in one direction and then the other, typically resulting from car accidents, or other traumatic accidents. During impact, the neck is pushed into an unnatural curve, straining muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Within 48 hours of the accident, injuries usually present as pain and stiffness in the neck, headaches, and dizziness.

Treatment Benefits

Whiplash, one of the most common injuries caused by auto accidents, can be effectively treated by a chiropractor. Traditional medical treatment typical focuses on using medications to mask pain, ignoring the underlying issue. Benefits of chiropractic treatment include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments and manipulation can help restore normal movement and position of the spine.
  • Adjustments can help to reduce strain on muscles, ligaments, discs, and tendons.
  • Prompt chiropractic care can prevent pain from becoming a chronic condition.

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